Shelli Presley

Shelli Presley, Director of Spiritual Formation

It is the desire of Hardin-Simmons University to engage students spiritually and emotionally.

In chapel we have the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers who are pertinent to where we are in life. Each semester we have speakers who share stories of how they have seen God in scripture or God working in their life through obstacles that they’ve faced. Through these shared stories we gain a better understanding of how God works in people’s lives.

We also are shown how He may be working in our lives at this very moment. All students who attend chapel can expect diversity in music and in shared experiences of the gospel. It is our hope that all students will uncover through their chapel experience faith that has been grown or even discovered. It is our expectation that through chapel students will understand that the gospel is not just the ticket that got you in, it is also what sustains your life!

We pray every student comes to understand that the gospel is as essential as the air that we breath. It is our daily bread and we cannot live without it.

Role as Director of Chapel and Spiritual Formation

The primary objective of the Director of Chapel and Spiritual Formation is to engage staff and students in positive reflection, learning, and development of their Christian faith through a combination of formal and informal teaching and learning opportunities. The chaplain’s role is a crucial one in terms of setting and overseeing the spiritual tone within the school. They are responsible for actively engaging students and staff in developing the Christ-centered culture of Hardin-Simmons University, where education is enlightened by Christian faith and values.